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Oil Spill Response

For your oil spill response and cleanups, LBI Renewable offers an all natural sorbent known as DualZorb.

This easy to use product quickly absorbs and encapsulates most crude oil based products such as gasoline, diesel, motor oil, and greases.  Unlike other products DualZorb is low dust, fast acting and environmentally friendly - so it can be disposed of at your local landfill*.  The product size is larger than most competitors making the application cleaner and easier to remove, even unused product.

*Dispose of per local, state and federal regulations.

"How To" Guide
Dry DualZorb
Oil Absorbed
5 lbs of product
1 gallon
25 lbs of product
5 gallons
2000 lbs of product
400 gallons

DualZorb Oil Absorption
Manufacturer’s Recommendations for a 1 gallon spill

For maximum absorption, hydrated prior to use

MSDS Sales Brochure

Available Sizes

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