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Frequently Asked Questions

Does DualZorb have to be hydrated before it is used?

Do winter temperatures affect DualZorb?

Can you provide comparative data on long-term petroleum biodegradation (as opposed to short-term sorption) in the presence and absence of DualZorb for Case Study 1 (land farm)?

Is DualZorb certified as being insecticide- and pesticide-free?  I ask this question because it is made, at least in part, from “beetle-killed pine trees.”

How do you know that the hydrocarbons are being broken down and not trapped by the product?

How do you account for the added material when testing the samples, say in Case Study 1 the mix ratio is 1:1?  Isn’t that just dilution?

Has there been comparative case studies against other products?

Can DualZorb be used in a pond or only PondZorb?  What is the practical difference?

Definition of Biodegradation vs. Bioremediation?

When Biodegradation occurs the medium eventually breaks down into H2O and CO2 and evaporates, correct?

Remediation requires specific bacterium and microbes which release specific Enzymes which act like acids and breakdown hydrocarbon chains, correct?

What makes DualZorb special is that it contains these bacteria and microbes, other products like “Peat Moss based products” requires Enzymes to be added, correct?

To promote new vegetation growth in treated soil requires nitrogen (fertilizer) to be


If released, hydrocarbons will render the soil unfit for any agricultural growth, correct?

Could DualZorb be put in a container without bags and shipped?

What is the max capacity of production in terms of lbs per day or month?

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