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Our Environmental Impact

LBI Renewable is truly cleaning the environment with the environment.

A key source for our wood fiber based all-natural products is beetle killed pine trees of the United States Rocky Mountain forests.  The forests have become very dense due to decades of fire control and the recent droughts, leaving these dense forests dry and vulnerable to insect outbreaks.  According to the U.S. Forest Service, 41.7 million acres of U.S. Forests (private and public) have been affected since the outbreak of the mountain bark beetle in 1996.  These dead standing forests are causing severe soil erosion, are extremely susceptible to intense wildfires, and provide very poor habitat for wildlife.

LBI Renewable is  “cleaning the environment” by utilizing these dead standing trees as the raw source for manufacturing our all natural absorbent and bioremediation agent.  Through the removal of these dead standing forests, vegetation are able to regenerate faster, which in turn provides forage and shelter for wildlife.  This growth of new vegetation also slows and can stop soil erosion.  The removal of these dense and dead forests significantly reduces the fuel load that is available to wildfires, making them easier to contain and monitor for firefighters.

LBI Renewable is cleaning the environment “with the environment” by preventing pollution, containing pollution, and treating contaminated sites with these all natural products that do not negatively impact the environment.   For instance, the bioremediation agent DualZorb can be utilized for oil remediation projects where petroleum hydrocarbons (oil) are degraded to nontoxic levels and inert substances.  After the soils are decontaminated, the wood fibers from DualZorb provides support for healthy soil development by increasing moisture retention, nutrient retention, by providing a food source for soil microbes, and as an organic fertilizer.

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