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Wastewater Solution

LBI Renewable has discovered two niche solutions for wastewater treatment.

The first application is removing cooking oils from restaurant grease traps for a smoother and cleaner processing of the grease through the Alar vacuum filter.  DualZorb is applied to the grease traps to absorb the free oil prior to clean out of the trap.  By absorbing these oils prior to processing the grease, prevents the formation of  “peanut butter” like paste that is formed from the blending of the cooking oils and grease.

The second application is removing heavy metals from liquid solutions; such as removing hexavalent chromium from baths used in industrial chrome plating processes.  DualZorb absorbs the hexavalent chromium and encapsulates them into its wood fibers, while resulting in a dry waste product that is cheaper and easier to dispose than caking the waste.


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