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Soil Contamination - Oil

The production, storage and transportation of crude oil can lead to leaks or spills that cause oil saturated soils.

LBI Renewable offers the bioremediation agent DualZorb for an onsite and in-situ treatment of crude oil contaminated soils.  Our bio-remediation agent combines the abilities of a sorbent with the remediation capabilities of a bioremediation agent to prevent pollution migration while effectively degrading the petroleum hydrocarbons into inert substances.  After the oil is bioremediated DualZorb becomes a soil amendment adding moisture and nutrient retention, nutrients for soil microbes, and is an organic fertilizer which promotes healthier soils and helps establish vegetation.

DualZorb is listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a bioremediation agent.

This listing does NOT mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of DualZorb on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, 40 CFR Section 300.915. The data submitted exceeds the testing criteria for the bio-remediation effectiveness test and therefore qualifies to be listed on the NCP product schedule.

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